Listening to: Couldn’t Do It – Regurgitator (Christ! Am I homesick?)

So it’s been a crappy week, really, but the enormous bag of fortune cookies is still going strong and apparently “[I] WILL BE IN A LAUGHING MOOD TOMORROW”. So that’s something. Tell you what, I am sick of the sight of the library – I was almost grumpy with a student this evening!

It should be okay, though – I forgot about half-term, so I actually have a week off (unpaid, alarmingly, because I’m still in my trial period – I’m supposed to move into Fi’s room in a few weeks, once she finds somewhere else to live, which means a rent hike and a bond top-up). Time to explore London again! Maybe it’ll be like those first six weeks – maybe I’ll start walking to Kilburn again. And if it snows, I have the sewing machine out of hibernation already.