Listening to: Freedom! ’90 – George Michael

I’m feeling quite whingey lately. Let’s dance around our kitchens (or other appropriate venues) instead:

Freedom! ’90 – George Michael

Deceptacon – Le Tigre


Listening to: The Beat – Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Ah, non-library-related things:

– I saw Half Nelson last week (wait – maybe it was the week before), and loved it. Has anyone else seen it?

– I just finished reading A Long Way Home by Mary K. Pershall, and last week I finished listening to Lamb by Bernard MacLaverty. Lamb was beautiful, but sad. It’s lucky MacLaverty writes such short novels. I don’t think I could take more than short bursts of him, even though I am starting to rather love his writing. I have Grace Notes sitting on my shelf, but I need time to cheer up between his books.

A Long Way Home was good(ish). It’s about an American woman who’s living in Australia in the early-’80s and starting to feel torn between Melbourne and Iowa. I picked it up thinking I’d be able to relate to that feeling-homesick-even-when-you’re-home thing, and to an extent I did and it kept me reading through to the end, but Annie Skasey was one of the most annoying characters I have ever encountered. Her indecisiveness made me want to scream; she wavered between the two places for nine-tenths of the book, and eventually came upon a solution by default/accident that I had managed to figure out within the first 20 pages. Also, the chapters alternated between ’80s Melbourne and flashbacks to her Iowan childhood, which was interesting except that she was a pretty unpleasant kid (even then, completely incapable of making a decision, which made her mean and a dreadful conformist). But, you know, it wasn’t a bad book – it was easy to read (good for the bus!), and I enjoyed the setting.

– I am making Knitty’s Knucks. I’m just weaving in the ends of my first glove, and am steeling myself for the next one (actually, it’s been really fun to knit – a little bit tricky and interesting, but not hugely difficult). I made the men’s size, because I’m using Random Op Shop Yarn and slightly smaller needles than specified in the pattern.

– I’m in the midst of an assignment that was due yesterday, that I feel alarmingly blasé about (I need panic to spur me on!). I’ve hated this course so much, and I don’t care anymore. Not only is it incredibly unlikely that I will ever be called upon to design my own library management system at any point in my library career, but having done this course won’t actually have equipped me to do it. I’m tying myself in knots just trying to skim the surface of Microsoft Access, which seems stupid. Eh. I aim to hand it in on Tuesday. I’m working this weekend, too, which was poor planning on my part.

– I walked home from uni on Wednesday, and it was so nice! It took me a couple of hours, including a stop at Big Star (I bought a couple of new records – Joan Baez and Tom Paxton [both YouTube links]) and a couple of detours to look at interesting houses. I could walk forever in unfamiliar surroundings, and it was so nice not to have to be anywhere.

Oh, crap, I’ve just made myself late for work. I hope everyone is having a pleasant day – if not, put on some early Elvis Costello and dance around your bedroom.

Listening to: Parentheses – The Blow

I saw The Holiday the other day, because I’m not getting nearly enough work and I am bored out of my head. It sucked. Really hard. There is a really good blog entry here (which is a response to another good blog entry) about its embodiment of the attractiveness double standard in Hollywood, but that was only one of my complaints. Kate Winslet’s character makes all these ridiculous statements about the lack of well-written and gutsy female characters in modern cinema, whilst being a simpering idiot. Cameron Diaz’s character’s social and romantic dysfunctionality is used to off-set and make less threatening the fact that she is an incredibly successful businesswoman (which is a boring convention in itself – the level of wealth and privilege in this film makes the whole thing so uninteresting). And it snows in Surrey for the entire fortnight surrounding Christmas!

Mainstream films invariably offend me. I should’ve stuck to my post-Wedding Crashers vow not to watch them anymore.

Has anyone seen Volver? I think I’m the only person left in the world who hasn’t yet. That’s this week’s project. It has received unanimously excellent reviews in my house.

In other news, I finally altered and made wearable this very cool black velvet skirt that’s been sitting in my basket for a year and a half (it used to be bizarrely and exaggeratedly teardrop-shaped). But where does one wear luxuriously soft black velvet pencil skirts? It is now the one item of clothing I own that seems too fancy for everyday.

I am a little bit obsessed with The Blow at the moment. I’m sure I’ll be sick of them soon, but they are very good for dancing around the kitchen to.