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Ha! I just tried googling where to find dried persimmons in London (never going to happen in a town that doesn’t really even do proper bubble tea, but you have to try, don’t you?) and came up with a bunch of scientific journal articles on their viscoelastic behaviour instead.

I went for my walk, through the western bit of Barnes to what I think is Mortlake and up to Chiswick Bridge (the site of those photos from my walk home a few months ago) – god, the Thames is picturesque. It’s filthy, but not like the Torrens or the Derwent are filthy – it’s tree-lined and boaty and pretty. I leaned against the railing/wall and wrote in my diary as I looked across to the next bridge but then I started to worry that I looked like a potential jumper, so I gave up and walked the long way home instead. There’s a particular curtainless house along the river where you can see into the study as you walk past – it’s my dream home. Wall to wall bookcases, an enormous desk (in the middle of the room!), a bankers’ lamp (?), general cosiness… Barnes is an excellent place for casual voyeurism (not in a creepy way! But it’s a good place for evening strolls and one can’t help what one sees if people will not shade their windows. Lots of bohemian red living rooms and stainless steel kitchenware).



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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I need people to bake for – the Eighth Day Café’s vegan cheesecake recipe is online, calling to me (I had my first ever vegan cheesecake there and it was a revelation). I can’t eat a whole one and all of my London friends are so disparate (which always makes me feel like I’m saying “desperate” in a New Zealand accent)! I miss groups. What to do, what to do?

I have completely forgotten how to amuse myself. What on earth am I going to do all week when I am so flummoxed by a solitary Sunday? I used to be really good at this; I used to crave this! Time for another walk, I guess?

Who wants to come over and play Boggle?

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Here are some things I have read recently:

* This article about John Forbes. Rad, did you take Geoff’s Australian poetry class at school? We read this stream of consciousness Forbes poem called “Angel” and I loved it and all I can find of it online is the excerpt in the article:

“& I’d like to kiss you
but you’ve just washed
your hair, the night goes
on & we do too until
like pills dissolving
turn a glass of water
blue it’s dawn & we
go to sleep we dream
like crazy & get rich
& go away. ”

* Lavender-Fleur de Sel caramel sauce at Angry Chicken. Why does lavender-flavoured food intrigue me so? It’s almost never good.

* This weekend or next weekend? on AskMetafilter.

* How to Destroy the Book by Cory Doctorow – copyright, ownership vs. licence, digital books. (Via

[Oh, it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten all my html. How do I do proper bulleted lists?]

And after assuring C. last night that times have changed and working for a Catholic organisation needn’t mean compromising one’s principles, I had to catalogue my first anti-choice, pro-adoption teen pregnancy book today (written by a woman who named her daughter “Windsor”. I ask you). I mean, I think it’s okay, I think the collection overall is pretty balanced and the materials on the curriculum are pretty good (there’s a lot of academic support for non-hetero sexualities, for example – although I don’t know how that’s actually taught, obviously), but eeesh. I wanted to tuck some brochures for ARMS or whatever its UK equivalent is in there, at least (I resisted the urge – I am, in the end, A Professional).

Also! I haven’t listened to this yet, but here‘s a Billy Bragg autobiographical podcast recorded in 2006.

Oh, and I’m giving Battlestar Galactica a go.

Oh! And C., the WSRC could apparently fund another year by selling off its picture book collection – I went looking for a copy of Jesse’s Dream Skirt and found it going for $469 on Amazon. Which sucks! Where does one find classic non-sexist kids’ literature at a reasonable price?

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Can you freeze raw apple? By which I mean, what would one be able to do with it once thawed, do you think? I have a lot of apples (the only reliably interesting thing at our farmers’ market – I don’t seem to eat a lot of them, though) but not a lot of interest in stewing apples. Hints? Tips?

You can’t really tell from the photo, but I’m knitting a sparkly jumper:

I am also (finally, finally) reading Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle. It scared me at first because I remember it staying on my dad’s bedside table for more than a year, but I think this just reveals him to be an incredibly slow reader – it’s actually a really fun, easy read (it’s the first Japanese book I’ve read since Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen! How can this be?). I picked it up because we’re discussing his What I Talk About When I Talk About Running at my bookclub next month (oh, dear reader! I assume you know me personally. I have bookclubs now), which didn’t really do anything for me literarily. So I wanted to figure out what the fuss was about and I get it now! The voice is the same but context and character are making all the difference. I will report back properly once I’ve finished it.

I’m a school librarian now and, sadly, there are no Mills & Boons to be seen. I have, however, been cataloguing a whole heap of surprisingly racy Christian romance paperbacks (they’re all about out-of-control young men living lives of insane [and badly-written] debauchery before being saved by the Lord and the love of a good woman) – the titles are boring but the content is outstanding. Expect excerpts.

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IS FEMINISM GIVING BRITISH JUSTICE SWINE FLU? Qwghlm’s Daily Mail-o-matic is my new favourite toy.

So hey. How’s tricks, blogosphere? I spent about 36 hours pissing about on Facebook last night, becoming a fan of everything I could think of, and it occurred to me that I should probably just start blogging again.

Oh, man – I think I might need to send the new laptop off for a service first, though. This keyboard is driving me insane! This is what it looks like when I don’t go back and correct every other word:

Arg this stpid kyboard i compltely insntive and I worrythat i’s ging to gve me some sortof stress-relatemedicl condtin.

(Translated: “Argh, this stupid keyboard is completely insensitive and I worry that it’s going to give me some sort of stress-related medical condition.”)

But regardless, consider the blog back on! I’ve just cooked properly for the first time in the new house (pumpkin soup, stewed apples and plums, and brown rice for breakfasts), I have a ticket to see the Lemonheads next Saturday and I’m about to spend the afternoon in Hammersmith Primark. How could I possibly justify letting such an exciting life go undocumented?

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Remind me to try this pancake recipe – I’ve been using the recipe from Vegan with a vengeance and I like it, but it’s a bit cakey and American-y.

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C. and I and our friend Sue went for a walk and a picnic in Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens today. It was lovely. I ate a lot of snowpeas and we saw some weird small marsupial/rodent animal things (and possibly inadvertently killed them by letting them eat rice cakes) and the world’s biggest raven, and we basked in the sun/shade and we didn’t get lost.

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