good things

Listening to: Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill

I have the best boss in the world! That anti-choice teen pregnancy book? Withdrawn! She came over to me yesterday, aghast, and said she hadn’t realised how bad it was when she ordered it and that there’s no way we can have that sort of rubbish on our shelves when our students have a genuine need for information.

This job is so, so great.


(Everyone loves a bit of Maoist ballet.)


Listening to: lots of You Am I

I made a firm promise to Heather some weeks ago that My Finest Hour would be back up and running any minute, so – ta-da! I am not all talk and no action.

Being a librarian is exhausting! I think because I’ve gone for months without being creative or interested at work – I got lazy, people. So this is not a complaint – it’s the best kind of exhaustion – but it’s going to take some getting used to, fitness regimes, et cetera.

My new favourite toy is Intute, this database of free, authoritative (as reviewed by university-type people) websites on many subjects – almost as good as the WSRC Wiki!

Other good things: I am off to a training session in Oxford on Tuesday (!!!) and every Wednesday I am leading (I hesitate to say “teaching”) a tiny class of students who’ve chosen Information Skills as their mandatory extracurricular activity for the term (kind of like our Line 8, but more directly geared towards making their university applications look good [rather than, uh – what did we do? Lawn bowls?]). First class yesterday, with an hour’s notice (!), was not a complete disaster (but it probably was a bit boring). Any tips? Next week we’re looking at online research (hence the Intute link).

Today I have been listening to a lot of You Am I. I’m trying to focus my listening habits more and stick to one artist a day (to stave off a nasty case of short-attention-span). I love this song and video (and many others):


Listening to: What a Life – Juliana Hatfield

You know, for all our heated disagreements lately about how to run the library (and how cool is it that I even get a say in these things?), I would just like to say that my friend C is lovely. That is all. The nice things she has done for me are too numerous to count.

Also, my mum just gave me a new diary as a thank you for proofreading her millions of assignments lately (seriously, don’t get a degree in speech pathology). I am swimming in good will.

Also, despite the fact that they ate my weekend, I had two of the best shifts ever at my public library on Saturday and Sunday. I don’t know what was different about them, but I really enjoyed myself (not that I ever hate it, but it is work). I think because things weren’t too quiet and I had some really nice borrowers. They were all really nice. And it was fun to hang out with my colleagues, and I flicked through the cook books in my downtime, and I actually found the answers to some difficult questions for people. Dude, libraries are where it’s at.

And ABC2 has been showing Degrassi High every night at 6.30 pm, and it makes my day every time. I know it’s available on DVD now, but I don’t have it yet (and my DVD player died) and I really look forward to sitting down to watch it every night. I guess that’s a bit sad. Hmm.

Anyway, yes, I will be starting one of those Oprah gratitude diaries soon.