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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I need people to bake for – the Eighth Day Café’s vegan cheesecake recipe is online, calling to me (I had my first ever vegan cheesecake there and it was a revelation). I can’t eat a whole one and all of my London friends are so disparate (which always makes me feel like I’m saying “desperate” in a New Zealand accent)! I miss groups. What to do, what to do?

I have completely forgotten how to amuse myself. What on earth am I going to do all week when I am so flummoxed by a solitary Sunday? I used to be really good at this; I used to crave this! Time for another walk, I guess?

Who wants to come over and play Boggle?


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Whoa. My old Livejournal still exists. Oh, I miss being a student, even though I sounded so miserable about it at the time!

Today I walked and walked and it was good (although I wish I hadn’t had the bright idea to go grocery shopping two hours before home – my poor shoulders).


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So it’s been a crappy week, really, but the enormous bag of fortune cookies is still going strong and apparently “[I] WILL BE IN A LAUGHING MOOD TOMORROW”. So that’s something. Tell you what, I am sick of the sight of the library – I was almost grumpy with a student this evening!

It should be okay, though – I forgot about half-term, so I actually have a week off (unpaid, alarmingly, because I’m still in my trial period – I’m supposed to move into Fi’s room in a few weeks, once she finds somewhere else to live, which means a rent hike and a bond top-up). Time to explore London again! Maybe it’ll be like those first six weeks – maybe I’ll start walking to Kilburn again. And if it snows, I have the sewing machine out of hibernation already.

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Here’s an interesting article about the shortage of teacher-librarians in Adelaide. One thing that’s been really intersting about getting this job is how much more the librarian qualification is emphasised in school libraries here. I don’t think I could actually get a job in an Australian school library without a teaching qualification, could I?

A lot of our students have a shocking lack of research skills (especially this close to the end of their secondary education). I’d hate to think there wasn’t at least someone to guide their information literacy.

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When I left my last job, I was given a book voucher but I couldn’t decide how to spend it. Luckily, Patti Smith has been everywhere lately (there was even an interview with her in the Vogue I picked up off the floor of the library today) and I happened to have time to kill in Kensington this afternoon and there was a Waterstone’s… So after traipsing up and down the stairs for a bit, trying to get a straight answer from the salespeople (“I think we’ve sold out, but try upstairs in Music” – “Well, there might be a copy left in the Biography section, if you can find it”. Libraries are so much more sensible – imagine if I spoke to students like that!), I emerged with my very own copy of Just Kids, her book about life with Robert Mapplethorpe in New York from the late ’60s onwards. So far – and I’ve only read the first chapter, which is Patti’s childhood in Chicago and Pennsylvania, her discovery of the power of her own imagination and her introduction to books – it’s beautiful.

Less beautifully, Tony Abbott is a fuckwit, but at least people are writing about it. I particularly like this piece by Karen Brooks:

I wanted to give myself a context for understanding all the brouhaha that erupted last week when our budgy-smuggler-wearing Opposition Leader was quoted as having said ‘women should treat virginity as a gift.’ My knee-jerk response was, ‘You’re a gift, Abbott, with a silent ‘f’.

(Tony Abbott is married! Was this well-known? Gross.) I think I kind of miss Australian politicians. I’ve enrolled to vote here, but to be honest I don’t know what I’m doing. They don’t have Green MPs! I’m not sure how to work with that.

My lovely boss had a nasty accident on her bike last night (thanks to a taxi, which is completely horrifying) and although she’s going to be fine (superficial but frightening-to-behold injuries, apparently), I’m in charge for the next couple of weeks. The day-to-day librarian stuff I can handle, but there’s a massive gap in qualifications between us and the library assistants (who are lovely and competent but are also mostly gap year students and refer pretty much all enquiries to us) and finding a way to maintain a useful service to students from 8.30am until 7.00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays is going to be a bit of a nightmare. We just closed early today, but it wouldn’t be fair to do that again and we had a heap of reference queries as I was trying to get out the door this afternoon (I’d normally finish at 3.45 and do the late on Thursday). And I can let the others open on Thursday morning, but then my whole day will be spent on the Help Desk and I’ll miss out on any admin time. Argh!

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* This is my favourite blog post of all time:

[Courtney Love] says things like, “I’m a catalog artist: I compete with Bob Dylan,” and you nod and go “Okay, yeah,” and then you remember that Courtney Love has only ever recorded four studio albums….Some people get really riled up over that shit…but I think it’s grander than grand. I love exaggeration and hyperbole; I love blowing stuff way the hell out of proportion. Despite being a stick-in-the-mud Capricorn, I’m also a hopeless romantic, and I will always embrace every last one of romantic’s lovely synonyms (i.e., extravagant, exaggerated, wild, imaginative, fantastic, improbable, unreal, fanciful, impractical). Those are all beautiful things to be. Imagine if you always had to experience and process life exactly as life really is? That would just be the pits!


* I had no idea Muse were so popular, but observe the listening habits of London vs. Adelaide (or pretty much any other Australian city). Are they still around? Who knew? Have they been prolific? (via web-goddess)

* Apparently, if you’re in Adelaide now and you start digging, you will eventually end up halfway between Morocco and Canada (wear bathers). (via diamond geezer)

* Helena Bonham Carter is so cool.

* Heather, I haven’t done this in nearly a year and it just took me a shocking amount of time to remember which one was Uzbekistan. I can’t believe I wasted so much time at the old job playing Bubble Shooter instead.

* BBC album reviews. Hours of fun.

* I rewatched Saving Face and a lot of Degrassi Junior High this weekend. I have almost perfected my Canadian accent (well, as long as the only things I say are “aboot”, “I like ‘im” and “Kathleen!”).

* I also cycled to Clapham Junction and finally started to wish that the weather was a bit warmer. Sort of. It’s a pretty good route for cycle lanes, though, so that’s a plus – once this week’s travel card runs out, it’s time to start riding to work again!

And please keep your fingers crossed that I score a ticket to That Mitchell and Webb Look at the end of the month! I haven’t done BBC things in ages!

(Today’s fortune cookie says “YOU NEED NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR FUTURE”. Okay then.)

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Have you ever read a book of letters? What was it like as a reading experience? Even though I mostly expect it to be tedious, Volume 2: 1923-1925 (an incredibly substantial-looking tome – god, why don’t I write that many letters anymore? How many typeset pages would my high school correspondence fill? “Dear Isabel, I hate it here…” x 1,000,000,000) of T. S. Eliot’s letters is calling to me from the window of Barnes Bookshop. It’s not that I don’t think old T. S. would’ve been a fantastic pen pal, but that’s a long time to spend in one person’s head. And I have more than enough books to dip in and out of already. Still…